Rachael Young

“……a very imaginative musician of great integrity and insight”

William Pleeth

Reviews: Robert Hughill

Written on November 24, 2012

The closing pages, as the speeds got faster were anything but a mad scramble. Young was firmly in control and unflappable, bringing the work to a disciplined, brilliant finish.

[…] In the first movement there was a lovely rich depth to the textures, superb unanimity from the players but without being straitjacketed. […] Young encouraged the players in delivering a rather massive and dark interpretation of the movement. Then suddenly it all evaporated into the light and airy, though even here there were accents and incisive playing cutting through the frilly bits.

The second movement was all poised swaying, disciplined and characterful with fine detailing in the underparts. Definitely an infectious dance. The third movement was quietly rich, with a lovely singing line. The dialogue between the cellos and violins was simply delightful, the texture developing superbly detailed multi-layers. Passion combined with discipline to create something melancholy and mysterious.

[…] Quite rightly, the audience were extremely enthusiastic and we were treated to a reprise of the lilting second movement of the Tchaikovsky.

You can read the full concert review by Robert Hugill here

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